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For years, momentum has been building behind electing Democrats to the Onondaga County Legislature. Democrats have been shocked into action over the past 4 years and people are getting involved in the political process who never were before. The GOP has held the legislature majority for four decades but the tide has been shifting. Democrats now have a more than 33,000 voter enrollment advantage and are winning races across Onondaga County.

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This is our moment. Let’s make history together.

In the process of the 2019 campaign, all but two of the GOP Legislature Candidates signed the Fair Maps CNY pledge to support fair, non-partisan, and independent redistricting. On July 7, 2020, every Republican Legislator voted against fair redistricting, allowing for the possibility of Gerrymandered districts to be put in place for the next decade.


We have the opportunity to do something about it. People are outraged with not only the fact that Republican Legislators went back on that pledge but the uncompromising, and mean-spirited way they did it. Time and time again, they say we don’t have a majority because we don’t field good candidates. That’s offensive and factually inaccurate. Let’s show them how wrong they are in 2021.

There are six districts that are home to more registered Democrats than Republicans, yet have a Republican legislator, and all 11 GOP held districts are home to an increasing number of Democrats every year.

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