Flip District 11!

Ryan Suser is running to flip this district!

  • Ryan is a community advocate, serving on the Board of the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center

  • He is a proud graduate of Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management. 

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2013 Voter Enrollment:

  • 6.0% GOP Voter Affiliation Advantage

Incumbent: Republican John McBride

Signed the Fair Maps Pledge

Voted No on Fair Redistricting

First Elected: 2017

District Description: 

  • The district includes the Onondaga Nation, the large majority of the Town of Onondaga, and a small part of the Town of Camillus
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Current Voter Enrollment:

  • .6% Democratic Voter Affiliation Advantage

  • Registered Dems: 6,230

  • Registered GOP: 6,107

  • No Party Affiliation: 5,282

  • Other Parties: 1,520

How you can get involved:

District 11 Map Onondaga County Legislature