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Candidate Profile: Jana Rogers for District 5

Beginning last Sunday, Flip the County Legislature is hosting a series to profile each of the 17 Democratic candidates running for Onondaga County Legislature. We have already received great feedback from last week’s profile of Matt Johnson running in District 3; thank you to everyone who read and shared that! Today, we will be spotlighting our second candidate of this series: Jana Rogers.

Jana Rogers, a veteran educator, is running for County Legislature in District 5 against incumbent Deb Cody. District 5 includes a portion of DeWitt north of East Syracuse, a portion of Cicero (part of the North Syracuse area), and a portion of Salina including Mattydale. Speaking with Jana, it is not hard to tell how strong and innovative a leader she has been in our communities, from volunteering as a kid to currently serving as Principal at OnTECH Charter High School. Read for yourself in this conversation!

What do you love about your neighborhood and community in District 3?

JR: What I love the most about the community and neighborhoods that district 5 represents is the diversity. There are many different towns, neighborhoods and communities within district 5. Going canvassing door to door around places like the Northside of Syracuse, Mattydale, Pitcher Hill and the village of North Syracuse, and getting to meet people from all different parts of Syracuse, listening to their needs and concerns, and also celebrating their joys with them has been a wonderful experience.

Why are you running? What have been your main sources of inspiration or motivation to run for County Legislator?

JR: I am running for Onondaga County Legislator of district 5 because I want to step up to serve our community better. In looking around and speaking with not only my neighbors, but also folks from all corners of district 5, I realized that we were not being adequately represented in the county. I will work to ensure that all of our voices are heard, and that I build a strong relationship with my constituents. As a school leader and former teacher, I know our families and neighborhoods and I see on a day to day basis how some folks are being left behind or left out of the conversation.

As a leader, what are you most excited to advocate for for members of your district?

JR: As a leader I am most excited to advocate for recovery from COVID. This includes supporting jobs, business, infrastructure projects, healthcare, childcare, and most importantly social-emotional care for people of all ages. There will be some major hurdles in returning to school/workplaces and I want to actively help my community through that.

Do you have family life or any other personal biographical information you’d like to share? Does your family live in Onondaga County?

JR: I am a wife and mother to two teenages. While I am originally from the Albany area, I moved to Liverpool when I was 14. Though I left briefly to attend college in DC, I returned to my CNY roots in Liverpool.

What is your favorite local summertime activity?

JR: My favorite local summertime activity is attending the arts and crafts fair which is this weekend! My daughter is very interested in art and we always enjoy viewing the chalk art and local vendors. I also really enjoy berry picking with my family at nearby farms - it is a summertime tradition!

Are you excited to see Jana represent Onondaga County in the Legislature? Check out a few ways to become involved in her campaign:

  1. Volunteer! Find a time to canvass with Jana through this simple form.

  2. Donate! Use this link to Flip Five for $5 (or more)!

  3. Stay Engaged! Follow Jana’s Campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And finally, don’t forget to stay tuned to the Flip the County Legislature website and Facebook page to meet more candidates running alongside Jana and Matt!

Read more about Jana here:

My name is Jana Rogers and I am running for the County Legislature for District 5. Since my childhood I have been focused on service - volunteering in political campaigns, and other assistance programs, along with teaching. I am a 20 year veteran educator and I have chosen to serve students who are at high risk. Some of my past professional accomplishments include

  • Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance and Music Education from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC

  • Masters of Science in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation from Syracuse University

  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Educational Leadership from LeMoyne College

  • Teaching instrumental music for over 10 years to all levels, k-12

  • Teaching private lessons for Violin, Viola, and Cello for 25 years

  • Serving as an Assistant Principal at Bishop Grimes Jr/Sr High School

  • Serving as Coordinator in the Professional Development Department at Jefferson Lewis BOCES

  • Currently serving as Principal at OnTECH Charter High School in Syracuse, NY

One of the things I am most proud of is being a creative and innovative leader

and providing students with hands-on learning experiences through

project-based learning.

I have also been an active member of my community through volunteering with

my church, my children’s schools, and other organizations.

A crucial part of being a leader is not just listening, but taking action to ensure

those needs get met. There is no candidate that will work harder, listen more, take

action for you, or better represent this district.

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