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Candidate Profile: Ryan Suser for District 11

In our sixth profile, we have had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Suser. Ryan is running for County Legislator in District 11, where he has roots and lives with his family.

District 11 includes the Onondaga Nation, the large majority of the Town of Onondaga, and a small part of the Town of Camillus. Through Ryan’s legal work, he has been able to help people from all walks of life—including their families and businesses—and is excited to help his community at a greater level in the Onondaga County Legislature. We talk about that and Ryan’s vision for the County government in the conversation below:

What do you love about your neighborhood and community in District 11?

District 11 is a slice of heaven. It is beautiful, quiet, and full of great people. Community is very important here. Neighbors helping neighbors. In my own neighborhood, we have a very active Facebook page where the sky is the limit. Folks coordinate trick-or-treating and yard sales, but they also alert each other if something is up—a dog is missing, a package is stolen, whatever. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, being so connected with my neighbors is invaluable.

Why are you running? What have been your main sources of inspiration or motivation to run for County Legislator?

I have always placed a huge value on being informed about the goings-on in my community. But for whatever reason, and despite a budget in excess of one billion dollars, the County Legislature doesn't make the news very often. I was alarmed to learn how little I really knew about what was going on in the County government. That means there are a lot of people in the community who are the same as me! Given the size of the budget, I think there are endless opportunities to bring about positive change for our community, and we all deserve to know what those opportunities are.

As a leader, what are you most excited to advocate for for members of your district?

To me, there are two categories of issues. There are hyper-local issues. Those are the issues, like deer overpopulation or traffic congestion, that impact me and my neighbors directly. And at the same time there are the County-wide issues, ranging from issues relating to our public parks to services that help keep our children safe, that impact our community as a whole and are vital to our long-term success. A successful leader, in my opinion, needs to advocate for our District's interests on both categories of issues, all the time.

Do you have family life or any other personal biographical information you'd like to mention? Does your family live in Onondaga County?

I am a proud SU graduate. I am also in my second term on the board of the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center. I am a strong supporter of local businesses in and around Syracuse (of course including the many wonderful businesses in District 11!). Plus my daughter Madeline is going to be attending First Grade at Walberta Park School this fall. I would like to give a huge shout-out to all the teachers and administrators and everyone else at the School who is working so hard to keep our children safe and healthy during these scary times.

What is your favorite local summertime activity?

Going for walks with the family, checking out the Syracuse Mets, and anything involving water (pools, lakes, boats, you name it)!

If you’re excited about Ryan’s community-oriented values, he would love to see you get involved with his campaign! Here are a few ways to do so:

  1. Volunteer! Fill out this form to contact Ryan’s campaign.

  2. Donate! Support Ryan’s campaign and the District 11 community through this link.

  3. Stay Engaged! Follow Ryan on Twitter and like his page on Facebook.

We also encourage you to stay engaged with the Flip the Onondaga County Legislature website and Facebook to follow these important race as we approach November!

Read more about Ryan here:

Ryan grew up in a single-parent household where ends didn't always meet. The values he learned then – hard work, appreciating what you have, asking for help from friends and family – continues to drive his commitment to public service.

Ryan studied at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management, majoring in business and economics. SU was also where Ryan first became active in politics; he volunteered with the SU NYPIRG chapter, eventually becoming a member of the State group’s executive committee.

After completing his law degree at Albany Law School, and working for a few years in New

York City, Ryan returned to Syracuse. In his practice, Ryan works with individuals and small business clients solving a variety of problems. He also serves on the board with the McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center, and continues to be active in his local Syracuse University alumni club.

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