Candidate Profile: Stephon Williams for District 4

Throughout our profile series, we have met many candidates running for county legislator. Among these candidates include Heather Waters for District 10, Jana Rodgers for District 5, Matt Johnson for District 3, and incumbent legislator Mary Kuhn for District 7. Today we will be profiling our fifth candidate in this series and future legislator for District 4, Stephon Williams.

Stephon Williams works for Molina Healthcare of New York Inc, where he specializes in cost savings and payment integrity for patients. He is currently running for office in District 4; this district includes a portion of the Northside of Syracuse, Town of Salina, Lakeland, and Geddes.

As a longtime advocate for those in his community and experience helping others in the medical field, Stephon hopes to represent his district and County as their voice on the legislature. Read our conversation with Stephon below:

Why are you running? What have been your main sources of inspiration or motivation to run for County Legislator?

I am running for County Legislator because I am advocating for progressive greater change in my district. I also have a devotion for helping others and being a voice for the people. Our local government impacts us all directly, and we need bold leadership to influence greater outcomes in our communities and across our county. We must ensure that we have a local government that works for everyone.

My motivation to run for County Legislator emerged during the pandemic, which profoundly impacted everyone in one way or another. It wasn't until then when I learned how much we really needed our governments to help navigate us through this time of dire need. Yet, as the crisis unfolded, I felt our leadership could've been better prepared to produce better outcomes. We need to be sure that we are ready for what lies ahead. This is very personal for me; I have small children of my own and I want to make sure that my families are safe as we move forward. In order to do so, we must have the proper leadership to navigate our district and county in the right direction.

As a leader, what are you most excited to advocate for members of your district?

As a leader, I am most excited to advocate for transparency, greater health & human services, safety in our communities, creating jobs, and advocating to make our district one of opportunity. If elected, I will be a leader that will listen to the voices of the constituents in my district and County at large. By doing so, we enable everyone to participate in their local government, as is their right. Furthermore, I will set the expectation for our constituents to hold me accountable as a legislator. I will also work across party lines to get legislation done that will benefit our families and communities. I am excited to build a relationship with the members of my district, understand their needs, and work with them without allowing politics to get in the way. I plan to advocate for our people and our businesses that keep our district thriving!

What is your favorite local summertime activity?

My favorite local summertime activity is going to Onondaga Lake Park with friends and family. We also enjoy stopping by Heids for hotdogs and getting our favorite ice cream from Antonio's Ice Cream on Buckley Road in Liverpool, NY.

Stephon Williams with his lovely wife, Jaleesa Williams, and their two amazing children; Stephen and Iyla

Stephon is excited to show us how much the Onondaga County Legislature impacts our daily lives, and we are so excited to get him there! See below for a few key ways you can get involved in Stephon’s campaign:

  1. Volunteer! Check out Stephon’s campaign website at and fill out the volunteer form to see how you can support Stephon in a way that is most convenient for your schedule

  2. Donate! Give monetary support to Stephon and his campaign through this link

  3. Stay engaged! Check out Stephon on Twitter and Facebook to get live campaign updates as well as information on the issues impacting your community

Thank you to Stephon Williams and his entire campaign team for participating in this profile and leading the way forward in District 4. Be on the lookout for future profiles coming out soon!

Read more about Stephon here:

Stephon Williams was born and raised in Syracuse, NY before moving to Liverpool in 2008. After High School, Stephon attended Onondaga Community College where he received his Associate's Degree in Health Information Technology. He would continue his studies further and pursue his Bachelors in Health Information Management from SUNY Polytechnic Institute of Technology. Stephon has 15 years of work experience in healthcare, where he helps patients on a daily basis. Currently, he works for Molina Healthcare of New York INC, where he focuses on cost savings and payment integrity. He also serves as the Chair of the Cost Containment Committee, as well as presiding on the Board of Directors at Toomey Residential.

Aside from his professional life, Stephon is also a family man. He is highly motivated by spending time with his lovely wife, Jaleesa Williams, and their two amazing children; Stephen and Iyla. He has always prioritized the needs of his family and community over all else. Stephon has a passion for helping others and constantly advocates for change, which motivated him to run for County Legislator in District 4! As an active member in his 22,000 resident District, Stephon felt a need to answer his calling by being a speaker for the people.

The effects of the current pandemic have motivated Stephon to create an even more comprehensive agenda to remedy the crisis at hand for the people of his District. If elected to the legislature, he will bring a strong Democratic presence with a fresh set of initiatives, innovation, and leadership. Stephon has a plan to address a wide range of issues, among them property taxes, job development, aid to local businesses, and community infrastructure. Being in the healthcare industry, he will be a tireless advocate for patients and local healthcare workers. Stephon will also fight GOP voter suppression tactics and prevent Onondaga County from being gerrymandered should Democrats flip the legislature. As a District 4 legislator, Stephon will treat each issue concerning those in his District with the highest priority!

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