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Legislator Profile: Bill Kinne for District 15

Every day is different for Onondaga County Legislator, Bill Kinne.

On this particular day in September, Kinne is balancing constituent calls in his work truck. As he bops from one work site to the next, he estimates that he has spoken to four constituents. Conversations vary from short and sweet to some teetering on a half hour.

“I have never had so many calls about sewers,” said Kinne. “And constituents are calling from other districts.”

At one point, his work colleague leans in and says to him, “Why do you do this?”

The answer is simple: his love of helping people - even if they live across district lines. Launching his own business in 1999, Bill Kinne Property Management Services, he helps those out in surrounding neighborhoods with snow removal, lawn care, landscaping, caretaker and handyman services.

Representing District 15, his area spans from Solvay, to parts of Geddes, a part of the Town of Onondaga and includes the Syracuse neighborhoods of Strathmore and the Valley.

Anyone who has canvassed or made their way to Green Hills on Sunday for their infamous donuts knows the Kinne name.

Kinne was first elected to the Onondaga County Legislature in 1991 and represented his neighbors from 1992 to 2011. After suffering and recovering from a brain bleed, he next served as a Legislative Aide for the County Legislature from 2012 to 2018. He was again elected to the County Legislature in 2019 and was sworn-in in 2020.

“When I became a Legislative Aide, I saw how our Legislature and County Executive operated and maneuvered - I didn’t like that,” said Kinne. “I decided, hey, the doctors cleared me, I will always be on medication for the headaches and I am not going to sit home and twiddle my thumbs.”

Bill and his wife, Beth.

In the chambers, he is no stranger to voicing his thoughts. Kinne, a straight shooter, simply tells it like it is, especially when it comes to the lack of transparency and accountability.

“There are many times when I come home - and my wife can testify to this - that I will pound my head—not literally—against the wall because of the lack of accountability, lack of transparency our County government exhibits.” said Kinne.

Kinne also wants to build back the social services and health departments and see that the monthly legislature meetings are held in the evening - not early afternoon - to accommodate constituent’s schedules.

“[The departments] are absolutely shredded,” he says. “Morale is low.”

However, between his business, work with the legislature, campaign and balancing time with family, he often finds time to reflect on his time in public service.

“Government is extremely interesting,” said Kinne. “I have learned a lot in my first 20 years. And I was able to help quite a few people. I’m extremely proud of that.”

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