Legislator Profile: Peggy Chase for District 9

In the eighth profile of our series, we had the great opportunity of speaking with incumbent legislator for District 9, Peggy Chase. Peggy is running for her 5th term in office as she continues to serve her community in the legislature.

District 9 includes many portions of Syracuse, including the Near East Side, Eastwood, and sections of University Hill. As an elected official, Peggy has been addressing many issues facing her District and County, including local infrastructure, environmental policy, education, and so much more. With her re-election, Peggy will continue to fight for the interests of her community! See our conversation with Peggy below:

Since serving in the legislature, what are you most proud of leading for District 9 and the entire county?

As you may know my entire district lies within the city. The County legislature is slow to do anything that is totally for a city district. That being said, we have done many "green" projects related to sewer updates and road construction. Also the funding of the landbank has helped to revitalize some of our neighborhoods. I have had the opportunity to work with the city departments as well. It has been beneficial to have influence in working with the councilors to get things done, especially regarding neighborhood stabilization, public safety and education.

As a legislator I have also been on the Environment Protection Committee, Health and Human Services, and Facilities. Our goal has been keeping the local environment safe by working to improve the lakes, sewer systems, and parks throughout the County. These things have played a huge part in our current budget too, which is why our work on this committee is so consequential.

Health and Human Services are vital to the sustainability of our county; we are always busy providing basic services to every neighborhood. A large part of my district encompasses one of the poorest neighborhoods in the county. Health clinics, housing, SNAP, foster care, adult and family services....just to name a few services....despite our pandemic lock down, never missed a beat. As an RN I serve on the Health Advisory Committee and had the opportunity to help our health department staff vaccinating from December until the end of June. I also sit on the Youth Board, SCSD Foundation and Sarah House Board and work with YSAP to educate kids about dangerous use of controlled substances. I am also an active member of Eastwood Neighborhood Association, the Eastwood and Northside TNT and the Butternut Pond Task Force. In my down time I sit on the NYS Nursing Board.....we develop and monitor policy and clinical practice for people practicing as nurses in New York.

Peggy is a retired nurse who felt compelled to get back into service when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. She has volunteered countless hours vaccinating local residents for the County Health Department. Shown here at the OnCenter.

Why do you feel it is important to Flip The Leg? What kind of changes might that bring for the people of Onondaga County?

Frequently the Democratic Caucus does not hear the plans of the Republican Caucus until it comes to session for a vote. Gaining more democratic seats in the legislature would certainly include us in the conversation sooner, giving us an opportunity to have a more collaborative legislature. Frequently our "resolutions" are not even considered in committees. This is extremely unfair to the people we represent.

In my down time I sit on the NYS Nursing Board.....we develop and monitor policy and clinical practice for people practicing as nurses in New York.

What is your favorite local summertime activity?

My favorite thing in the summer is spending time with my family and friends, especially my little nieces and nephews and Toby, at the lake. We love the local scenery, and it is a pleasure to enjoy it with everyone.


Peggy is ready to continue the fights for the people of District 9 and the constituents of Onondaga County! See below for a few key ways you can get involved with Peggy’s campaign:

  1. Volunteer! Check out Peggy’s campaign Facebook page, click the “Like” button to get updates and learn how you can get involved.

  2. Donate! Give monetary support to Peggy and her campaign through this link.

  3. Stay engaged! Click here to check out Peggy’s twitter account and then click follow!

Read more about Peggy here:

Peggy Chase has represented the people of District 9 in the Onondaga County Legislature since 2013. As a registered Nurse, she sits on the NYS Nursing Board to help develop policies and monitor the clinical practices of nurses in the area. Peggy also has a doctorate in education administration, which complements her experience in the healthcare sector. Peggy has brought her expertise and advocacy to the legislature to better help those in her District and County.

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